The Business Opportunities Program (BOP) is a partnership designed to utilize the resources of the RSMP in a strategic way to enhance the potential growth of eligible minority, women, disadvantaged and small businesses (M/W/D/SBE’s) in Rochester and the surrounding region. As a specific component of the Legislative Act authorizing Phase 2 of the Program, it combines three distinct services: Community Outreach and Engagement, Mentor-Protégé and the Instructional Series.

The BOP is intended to increase the number of certified M/W/D/SBEs capable of participating successfully on larger construction projects, and improve the business owner’s management, organization and skills by exposing and teaching them strategic tools to enhance the growth of their businesses. Under the direction of the Program Manager, Savin Engineers, P.C., the BOP:

  • Informs, involves and connects community stakeholders in a collaborative way to keep them abreast of RSMP developments and progress
  • Provides business development initiatives and exposure to industry best practices that can stimulate thriving growth
  • Facilitates training and mentoring in a direct, personal  manner designed to produce long term impacts.