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Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP ("Anchin") is serving as the Independent Compliance Officer (ICO) for Phase 2. Anchin prepares reports on the recordkeeping and maintenance of project records for M/W/D/SBE compliance matters.

To support RJSCB objectives, Anchin has incorporated the use of digital systems, analytical procedures and control processes. These are designed to ensure that compliance to the diversity goals are adhered to by the prime contractors who have been, or are in the process of being awarded contracts by the RJSCB. A detailed diversity report summarizing the workforce participation of each contractor through the current reporting period is delivered to the Board each month. Additionally, the ICO maintains a database of employee addresses, ensuring an accurate depiction of Rochester resident participation in the RSMP construction workforce.

In coordination with the Program’s District Technology Consultant, Millennium Strategies, these and other categorized comparative data are periodically presented using geographic information system (GIS) mapping software. These maps help identify and interpret trends and patterns associated with RSMP workforce and EBE utilization.